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The pendulum clock is famous for its accuracy, delicate movements, swinging weight, and today is enjoyed for fantastic decorative and antique value. The style and opulence provided by these distinctive clocks is something that has not been lost throughout time. We have an outstanding collection of pendulum clocks for sale at our online store. From classically antique to more abstract and contemporary, the collection of pieces available at Clock eStore is sure to inspire your imagination for home design.       

The History Of The Pendulum

Until the 1930s, the pendulum clock was seen to be the most accurate timekeeper in the world. Until the invention of the quartz clock, it maintained its place as the world’s most accurate and relied upon timekeeper for over 270 years. Despite the introduction of the quartz clock as a more modern standard of timekeeping, the pendulum still remained an incredibly popular choice for individuals and businesses worldwide.

Today the pendulum clock is seen as being more than just a mechanical time-telling device. It is seen to express the wealth and culture of their owners. From the traditional profile to various case and furniture styles, the pendulum clock has evolved to meet with the tastes of many different people, cultures, and groups. When you buy pendulum clocks, you're not just buying a timepiece - you're buying a part of history.

Browse our select collection of high-quality pendulum clocks for sale below, and discover a world of distinctive style and perfect timekeeping.

When you buy pendulum clocks online at Clock eStore, you can feel confident that a quality guarantee protects your purchase. Our most popular items have been marked down heavily, and we offer free shipping Australia wide.

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